Autumnal Impressions from Westphalia

Autumn is a time of decline in nature, the overture to winter. There's something particular about this time of year, though, for people who look at things with open minds, for people who are able to see beauty others won't even realize.
Autumn as nature's painter- 'Indian Summer in Westphalia'...

  This photo was taken  near our house in the fall of 1993.  The following outlooks date back from a trip to Märkisches Sauerland one afternoon then. - My daughter at my wife's car.
Lake Fuelbecke, near Altena.
 A view across the river Lenne to Altena's old railroad station.

Elverlingsen  power plant, down in the valley.

Beneath the Trees

Simply beautiful. Leaves, berries, and ferns.

Even little mushrooms look great beneath big trees.


We caught this glimpse on our way home in Hamm, merely a mile from our house.
© 1997  by Heribert E. Severing, Hamm, Westphalia, Germany.



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