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Nov. 21, 1999 - Dec. 5, 2004 

On 05.12.04 14:54:16 from
Jason A. Domingo

Dear Mr. Severing
I read your website about ROBERT A. HEINLEIN and I am quite impress with its contents. Like you (and definitely countless of millions all over the world) I grew up with the stories written by RAH. Admittedly I was reading classic sci-fi till I was 15 and my exposure to sci-fi was only through Star Trek, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. But it all changed when I came across a second hand edition of "Have Space Suit, Will Travel" through the eyes of Kip, I saw a brand new world. It has been more than 20 years now, and although I have not read all his works (a bit difficult here in the Philippines), I have a substantial collection of his books on my shelves and continue to enjoy reading them again and again. Hopefully, my two sons will come to appreciate RAH works and help bring his dream to reality, of seeing our race inherit the stars! Thank you for your tribute to him and God bless.

On 29.06.04 04:12:23 from

Robert Heinlein is my favorite author of sci fi.I started reading his books in the 1960's in grade school.I hope that Hollywood makes more movies from his books.

On 29.10.03 15:34:47 from
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On 07.09.03 22:38:47 from
Don Stolberg
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I am just browsing trying to get ideas for my own website. You have a great website. If you ever need anything in St. Louis, Missouri please feel free to contact me!

On 05.09.03 22:31:16 from
(via has a previously unpublished Heinlein novel that can be preordered titled "For us, the Living" It was written before "Lifeline" and was thought to be too racy for the times.

On 20.08.03 11:43:47 from

At the risk of appearing to babble, once I found this place, I expected more conversation; not that I expected a bloody message board, but like Bob Kelm said, my life has been guided by what I've learned from RAH. I'm relatively old (47) and I've only had the pc for a month, (1 week when I found this place), but I certainly thought there would be someone out there besides myself who actually wanted to talk about the best books I've ever read, rather than just wandering by and scrawling respectful graffitti on a tombstone. Nine messages in a year. I almost didn't leave one the first time I was here, and wouldn't leave another until someone else did, even tho' I come by almost daily. These books are not 'old'. They become more relevant everyday! Let's get something going on here in real time. I would if I knew how. Email me, tell me how if you don't have time or just need help. I think these RAH's ideas need to be visible NOW.

On 19.08.03 19:34:01 from
Bob kelm

for over 40 years my life has been guided by what i learned from reading RAH

On 28.07.03 13:23:09 from

If you've not read Heinlein, you've not read science fiction. Sometimes when I've been rereading I dream of being a Long. Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. LAZARUS LONG

On 12.07.03 12:31:54 from
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I just wanted to thank the man whom, if my memory is correct, described the first designs for the waterbed; and a waterbed that was filled nightly with water heated through a passive solar heating system. Wish I could remember what book it was in. Age does play its tricks on the memory. Read on, and you keep the memory and the dream alive. Then figure out how you can better serve your community through consructive activism. Where you find errors in government, tell your neighbors.
Reread the timeline, and then compare it to today's news.

On 09.07.03 15:21:06 from
( /

RAH had a huge influence on my thinking as a child. I loved his books and the ideas in them. Long live his memory.

On 02.07.03 02:50:57 from

Stranger in a Strange Land will always be my favorite book. First book I ever read more than twice.

On 16.11.02 02:54:35 from
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Having been a RAH-Fan ever since I first encountered his novels back in the sixties, I especially re-read every here and then SIASL and MIAHM. RAH is definitely my all-time SF-Fav!
ad astra,

On 15.10.02 08:53:33 from
Andy Wilson

I was introduced to Heinlein by my father probably in the 80's. I have enjoyed his stories and have reread most of the books that I have. What I am looking for is a list of his works grouped by reletionship, similar to what is in I believe 'The Cat Who Walks Through Walls' or the book that followed that one. I am just wondering which if any of the books are in sereies or some how related to each other. If any one who reads this can help me please respond and put Heinlein in the subject of the email.
Thanks for any one's time.

On 10.09.02 12:35:12 from
( )

My first encounter with a Heinlein book was in 1960 - I was 4 years old...I had read Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which was a tough slog for a kid that age, so my mum gave me Red Planet - I have been a scifi fan ever since, and Heilenin remains ne of my all time favourite authors...right up there wth John Lilly and Tim Leary - unafraid to be different, to risk ridicule and to retain integrity throughout all that life throws at us. I am also female by the way, in response to Judy (see below)...scifi still seems to be mainly a male domain, but some of us gurls are finding our way

On 13.08.02 22:46:26 from
carl fissell jr

I encountered his writings in 1949 and enjoyed every minute spent reading his works. He is sorely missed carl fissell jr

On 31.05.02 06:37:51 from

I live in Butler, Missouri and for my whole life I have wondered who the dude "Robert A. Heinlein" was because I kept seeing those "Robert A. Heinlein's Birth Place to Right" signs all over town so I was just curious. Thanks for informing me.

On 26.04.02 08:47:45 from
Tim Mumpower

I was first introduced to Heilein's way when I was going though a very hard time in my life. His views and thoughts have sense then shaped my life dramatically. Are there any REAL MEN still out there? The kinds that value knowledge, and the human spirit. People who can understand true love, and the Real world as well. I believe this is very rare, however I like to think these are the values of Heinlein. What do you think? Please email me a reply or if you would just like to discuss life. So far I have read, " the expanded universe" , " job ", " stranger in a strange land ", " to sail beyond the sunset ", " the number of the beast ", " citizen of the galaxy ", " I will fear no evil ", " friday ", " the menace from earth ", " revolt in 2100 ", " time enough for love ". Several I have re read, I always seem to find something I have missed in the stories, and or often focus on different aspects of the stories as I grow up. Best wishes in hopes of keeping the spirit alive. Tim.

On 27.02.02 04:40:08 from

i have recently discovered robert heinlein and I love his work.

On 13.02.02 01:27:32 from

A great man, and still badly missed.

On 22.01.02 08:02:52 from
Terry Woodard

In 1971 I was an 18 year old recruit in the Air Force. A friend of mine from my highschool days turned me on to a book of RAH's short stories most, I believe, from the Astounding magazine days. From the very first story, I think it was "The Roads Must Roll" I was hooked. From that day on he has been my favorite author. Every time I went into a book store the first aisle I hit was the Sci-Fi section. Going directly to the H's to see if there were any of his books I hadn't read yet. All I can say is in my opinion he is the greatest story teller of all time.

On 21.10.01 06:17 from

I see so FEW females in this Guest Book and know so few with whom I can discuss RAH & Lazarus. My female friends just don't understand the level of admiration(and desire) I feel for those 2 men. Oh, if I could just find me a Lazarus to guide me around this planet.
Also. to complete my collection of the works of RAH, I need to know the pseudonyms he used; can anyone help me? I know one was Anton Ley or something like that. Help!

On 25.06.01 20:09 Uhr from
Daniel Nwokekanma Okezie

Don't have to tell you that Heinlein is the greatest author of the 20th Century, but I would like to say that due to his writing, he has affected my modes of thinking. He caused me to look at all the so-called altruists, and see them for who they really are. I've been reading his works since my freshman year in high school. Since then I've read everything that I could get my hands on. The man molded my thinking. He opened my eyes to the undertone of the real world and how it operates. Forever greatful, May the winds be forever at your back, Rest in peace.

On 31.05.01 18:21 Uhr from
Jess Jenkins

Even though I am a Christian, and he wasn't the most religious man, I still love his works. They are masterpieces and will the classics the next generation will read in school. Pity it hasn't happened yet.

On 15.05.01 19:13 from
Iain colby

Heinlein is cool i love his Tunnel In The sky.

On 03.05.01 02:36 from
Jim Addington

I have been reading Robert's work since 1960 and will miss his realistic look at possible futures for the rest of my life.

On 02.05.01 22:05 from
Alan Law
( /

I have read, as far as I know, every book that the Master of Science Fiction has written. My personal favourite book is "Time Enough For Love" I have read this book so many times I can not count them. I am now on my fourth copy, the last three wore out. Each time I read it I cry at the bit where Dora dies, it is so sad.
May you drink deep and never thirst.

On 13.11.00 21:41 from
Andrea Hughes

Okay Heinlien Fans, I have a little request... I'm doing a presentation on Heinlien, and was wondering... what do you think some of his common themes are? Motifs? I've only read a couple myself, but I have a bit of an idea... Could always use some feedback though!

On 17.10.00 10:57 from
Ankou Technica
( /

Been reading this stuff on and off for most of my lfe..
"Have SpaceSuit, Will Travel" to "Job" and ahh.. the short stories..
These books were one of the reasons my own artistic efforts ended up focussing on Artificial Intelligence as a songwriting topic..

On 14.10.00 02:38 from
Donald H. Steward

I started with "Red Planet" in 1960. I read all of his juvenile novels and novellas by my eight grade year. I'm glad there is a tribute page to this great author. Who treated young minds to the endless possiblities before them and never "talked down" to his audience but rather encouraged them to take the next step towards tomorrow.

On 14.07.00 04:23 from
Steven Alden

"Stranger in a Strange Land," I laughed, I cried, I fell down, It changed my life (forgive me, Mr. Brust). Not being a particularly religous person myself, my view of life and people in particular has been greatly influenced by this work. Oh, yeah, "Job..." helped too!!!! I will not rest until I have every one of his books (good reason to keep on keepin' on, huh?). Peace...

On 30.05.00 02:48 from
Brad A. Steffler

I am 51 years old and have been a fan of RAH since I was about 9 or 10. At age 51, I still enjoy his juveniles. The comparison of Heinlein and Twain is obvious. I even see a little flavor of Mencken in RAH, in that they were both original thinkers who liked to point out that the emperor was not really wearing any clothes, although RAH did it with a good deal more in the way of good manners. I now work as a physician, but I credit Heinlein with my lifetime interest in science, especially physics, and my own BS in mathematics. He was a great influence upon me.

On 30.03.00 00:45 from
Yoav Tamir

im 17 years old. the few book of RAH that i did have the pleasure of reading left a great impreasion on me. from the first book i read i was hooked and trying to find more of his work. this site couldnt be better.

On 05.03.00 23:07 from

Gotta get them all

On 27.02.00 10:37 from
Larry A. Tilander
( /

Waiting is, Father.

On 31.01.00 01:15 from

Hello Heinleiner's. I read my first Heinlein, it was "The Star Beast" in 1960 at the age of 10 and continued being a fan,well, forever.
In the 80's I discovered John Varley, whom I wish were more prolific (although his most recent, Golden Globe was a struggle to complete).
If anyone can recommend any other authors of the caliber of Heinlein and Varley whom I may have missed, please don't hesitate to pass a recommendation on to me!
Best regards,

On 21.11.99 03:02 from

I started reading books at an early age, but it was an old copy of "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" that hooked me into R.A.H. And that was in the early 80's. I havent read all of his material yet, I think I would be floundering in the world of Science Fiction if I did. He is and always be the greatest Author that I have ever read, and will continue to read his material over and over again. I entered the Air Force to work on aircrraft, and to also travel to all of the places R.A.H. talked about, and experience life the way he did, I was not dissapointed in the least with my path..just dissapointed that I never sent out that fan letter in 1988. Thanks for this website, is there any news about his wife Virginia? Is she still alive? Lets hope so..she helped keep himi running for us a few years longer..