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Discovery of the Future
Guest of Honor Speech, Third World Science Fiction Convention
Vertex ,#1 Denver, Colorado, 1941 Requiem
Testing in Connection with the Development of Strong Plastics for Aircraft Naval Air Materials Center Philadelphia, 1944
Man in the Moon Elks Magazine 1947
Flight into the Future Collier's August 30, 1947
On the Writing of Science Fiction Of Worlds Beyond,
Fantasy Press
Baedecker of the Solar System The Saturday Review of Literature December 24, 1949
Where To? Life in 2000 A.D. Galaxy Science Fiction February 1952
Shooting Destination Moon Astounding Science Fiction July 1950  
(Article about Writing) Writer's Digest March 1950
Review of Space Medicine
(ed. John P. Marbarger)
Denver Post August 1951
This I Believe
(radio article written for Edward R. Murrow
series of the same title)

December 1, 1952 
Ray Guns and Rocket Ships Bulletin of the School Library Association of California 1952 Expanded Universe
The Third Millenium Opens Amazing Stories April 1956 Expanded Universe
Science Fiction: Its Nature, Faults, and Virtues The Science Fiction Novel: Imagination and Social Criticism Advent Publishers 1959
Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry? Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph April 12, 1958
Pravda Means Truth American Mercury October 1960
Appointment in Space Popular Mechanics 1963
The Happy Road to Science Fiction McClurg's Book News 1964
Science Fiction: The World of 'What If?' World Book 1964
Foreword for 'Beyond Jupiter', by Chesley Bonestell and Arthur C. Clarke Little, Brown 1972
Forrestal Lecture (1973) Analog January 1974
A United States Citizen Thinks About Canada Canada and the World April 1975
Dirac, Antimatter, and You Compton Yearbook 1975
Are You a Rare Blood? Compton Yearbook 1976
The Making of Destination Moon Starlog, #6 1977
Spinoff Omni March 1980 Expanded Universe
Preface for Godbody,
written by Ted Sturgeon, Donald I. Fine

Grumbles from the Grave
ed. Virginia Heinlein

Tramp Royale Ace 1992
Take Back Your Government Ace 1992

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