How it all began. The History.

It happened around 1998 that Bernhard Tiben having attended a great many English language classes with the VHS Hamm at that time had the idea of establishing a meeting point, independent of any organization.

The first location was Hamm's  fair-trade movement's shop (Weltladen der FUgE).
Once in awhile, a lecture would be given by people from our area, but also from the United Kingdom, by people who had visited or lived in faraway countries,like Japan, Australia, the United States, or Canada.

Other social activities and excursions, like going to exhibitions, having cycling tours in the vicinity of Hamm,were highlights between regular meetings as well.

We even had an American Thanksgiving dinner in 2005

Bicycle trip to Pentling.

Going to the William Turner exposition in Essen.

Then there were meetings at a private language school, and more recently, at the Zunftstuben restaurant.

Here is some information dealing with The English Circle's activities in the time from Monday, March 28, 2001 up to Monday, June 11, 2001.

It was part of the English Circle's website way back in 2001.


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