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Welcome to Stockville-The Stockum Allstars Band

The Tracks...(links leading to details and RealAudio files)

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Turn Your Eyes (On Me) and Paradise Motel (see below)
Stealing Away (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 4:23
Paradise Motel (H. Schrader) 6:10 (background information, featuring the handwritten original lyrics by Horst Schrader)
Living On Love (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 6:02
Carry On (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 4:00
Summer Rain (H. Schrader) 3:51
Ain't Got Love (H. Schrader) 3:54
Nothing On My Mind (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 4:28
All In Your Heart (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 5:05
Peaceful Land ( H.Schrader / D. Frank) 2:57
Turn Your Eyes (On Me) (H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 6:29
Little Angel (H. Schrader / A. Upmann) 3:16
All Around The World ( H. Schrader / J. Manteufel) 6:19
Light Of The Moon ( H. Schrader) 6:04

The Musicians...

Horst Schrader vocals, acoustic guitar, chicken shake
Thomas Jordan lead guitar, slide guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, bass, percussion
Ulrich Brinkschulte drums
Werner Ryba vocals, trumpet, accordion
Jürgen Greweling saxophone, bass, vocals
Jürgen Manteufel electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Dirk Frank piano, keyboards, percussion
Hartmut Hegewald violin, mandolin, vocals
Augustin Upmann bass


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